Thank you to all our friends and supporters who give in so many different ways.

To give to St Mary’s you can:

We give primarily as a response to the generosity of the God who has given us so much, just as we pray in church: ‘All things come from you, and of your own do we give you’.

The church in Hardwick appreciates the generous support of so many local people, so that we in turn can live generously, supporting others in need.

St Mary’s needs more than £2000 per month to ‘balance the books’. A large part of this goes on the ‘Ministry Share’.  This is our contribution towards the costs of our local clergy serving our villages, and of support services such as Safeguarding, building expertise and training. In the past we have been subsidised for this. We are working towards paying the full amount by 2025 so this cost is gradually rising each year. We also need to pay for insurance and cover utility bills, as well as day to day running expenses and upkeep. In addition, we aim to give away a small proportion of our income – notably to our partners in Kigali Diocese, Rwanda.

Single donations during the lockdown

With St Mary’s currently closed for services, but bills still needing to be paid, we are seeing a drop in our income from the lack of a Sunday collection and fundraising events. Many thanks to those who have already contacted the treasurer to ask about this. We now have a link with to enable our supporters to make a single donation to the church. You can do this by clicking here.

Regular Giving

The key part of our income is the regular, faithful giving of our members: we are so grateful for this. The best way to do this is via the Parish Giving Scheme which enables people to give electronically on a monthly basis. However, if you prefer, it is also possible to do this via a standing order, or via organisations such as CAF or Stewardship. The advantage of the Parish Giving Scheme is that the organisation that runs the scheme handles the Gift Aid element for us, and there is an option for an annual review of your giving (helpful for those of us who intend to review the amount but don’t get round it it!) The scheme also provides greater privacy for the giver as all donations are rolled into one for the parish. More information is available here.

The Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) has recently introduced a telephone service to help new donors set up a regular gift. The number is 0333 002 1271. You will need to know the PGS code for St Mary’s: it is 140614015 (there are many churches called St Mary’s, and using the code ensures your gift goes to the correct place).

For more info contact the Treasurer, Clare Bigg, on 01954 211673 or