On a sunny Saturday in April, St Mary’s Hardwick supporters set out for a 10K journey from Cambridge to Hardwick. Peter Cornwell reports on the event:

This was the third walk, run, cycle event. Last time we were still raising money for the Cabin. This time it was raising money to pay for the ceiling in church. Unfortunately, bits of plaster kept dropping from above and the building has been closed for six months.

Saturday 13th April saw over forty participants making their way from Great St Mary’s along Burrell’s walk, Adam’s Road, through Coton and up to Hardwick. A distance of just under 10k. Ages ranged from toddlers to over seventies, some at snail pace and some very, very fast. Other members of the congregation acted as stewards, cheering on from various points. It would be a mistake to think that all the participants were members of the congregation. Far from it, we were blessed with lots of support from the village. It was great.

Everyone arrived back at the Cabin garden for Jeff’s sausages, Harry’s live music and a
wonderful spread of cakes. A terrific success! And financially ………..the total raised keeps increasing . At the time of writing the total stood at £4,400 and it’s not too late. Please click on the stewardship link if you can spare a fiver for our ceiling. The work is being done even now and boy, will we have one fantastic celebration when we finally open the doors again!

Peter Cornwell