St Mary’s is delighted to have been awarded a Bronze award by both A Rocha and the Wildlife Trust, as we strive to be an Eco Church. We are currently working towards our Silver Award.

As we work towards our Silver Eco Church award, below are some ideas about how we can all become more eco-friendly, at church and at home.

How much energy do we use? What steps can we take to reduce our energy consumption?

• Undertake a personal carbon footprint audit

• Switch off lights and plugs

• Reduce heating thermostat by 2 degrees

• Use energy efficient light bulbs

• Close windows and doors properly to prevent drafts

• Wear another layer of clothing

Plastics, Paper, Glass and Food waste: Reduce. Recycle. Reuse.

• Recycle all our plastics, paper, glass and food waste at home and at church

• Reduce amount of plastic we use

• Use a re-usable water bottle

• Use a re-usable box for snacks and lunches

• Reuse junk for craft activities

What small, good things can we do to make a big difference?

• Plant insect friendly flowers and wildflowers

• Plant more trees

• Mow less often

• Recycle and reuse as much as possible

• Compost food waste

• Reuse rain water

• Grow our own fruit and vegetables

• Pick up litter

• Consider making ethical investments with our personal savings

• Consider making ethical decisions when buying food, drink and clothing

Some other useful resources:

Useful links for saving money on energy, going green, etc: