During the lock-down many of us found ourselves being replenished by time spent outdoors, and maybe you did too. We felt a greater connection to ourselves as we re-connected with the natural world. Wild Church aims to build on these experiences

Who is this for?
It is for families with a child aged between 4 and 10 (roughly), though older and younger siblings will be more than welcome. It will be fine for grandparents and carers to come with children, but we cannot accommodate children without a responsible adult, or adults without a ‘responsible’ child!

What do we do?
We are outside! 
We engage actively, playfully and creatively with the natural world. We do stuff: we might make things with clay, observe trees and leaves and light, use sticks, hold snail races, maybe make candles or do a bit of campfire cooking.
We will also spend a little time reflecting more deeply. How does our experience of trees, water, seeds, insects and birds help us grow in our spirituality? Does the interplay between our experience and the Bible stories about these things help or not?
We also plan to think (and act) about the environment and our part in safeguarding it.

When does it happen?
On Sunday afternoons between 3.00 – 4.00pm on the second Sunday of the month (except August). We won’t pretend that we don’t hope for lovely, sunny days – but this is England! We work on the principle ‘there is no bad weather, only the wrong clothing’. We have had Sundays when the first activity has been ‘build a shelter’!

What next?
If you would like to come, or to find out more, please talk to Rev’d Clare Coates or Ali Marcus.