Worship at home material

  • Prayers and words for a Creationtide Service of the Word (PDF attached). In creationtide, Christians of many denominations are encouraged to pray for and care for the natural environment.
  • Bible readings and a reflection by Cathy Michell, Methodist lay minister in the Lordsbridge Team, and part of the ministry team for the Church in Toft. (PDF attached)
  • This week’s podcast (audio file) of the all-Lordsbridge Sunday service with Revd Charles Fraser and Cathy Michell can be found on Lordsbridge.org (live from 9am, Sunday).  If you want to post the direct link on social media here it is: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1348639/5600341
  • Pic n Mix Activities, based on this week’s gospel readings, from Revd Priscilla Slusar now interim lead minister for Haslingfield and a new member of the Lordsbridge Team Chapter.
  • Zoom online worship is now an all-Lordsbridge service, and takes place at 11am on Sunday mornings through the autumn, using much of the same material as the written resources and the podcast.  The meeting id is: 898 7070 2475 or use the link https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89870702475, open from 10.50am.
This weeks podcast