Here are two ideas for exploring the Easter story at home this weekend.

_m_super-coolSome of you will have seen the animation The Super Cool Story of Jesus at the Easter Fun Morning in Hardwick.  Following on from The Well Good News of Christmas, Dai Woolridge and Emma Randall have teamed up again to bring you this captivating account of how Jesus lived and loved.  If you liked it or if you missed it watch it on YouTube here.  This animation and associated materials have been put together by the Bible Society.

Or for a brilliant way of exploring the Easter story with children of all ages why not rocky road easter 1use this special recipe to make Rocky Road here.  Each ingredient relates to a key event in the Easter story, & combined together they create a tasty treat to share. It’s also a fun way to help children sequence the events of the Easter Story.  This idea is from the fab creative website