9:30 Morning Worship with Clare and Howard
11 am Lordsbridge zoom service
 2pm Baptism of Danny Marlow with David Newton and Clare

Sunday 4th September: 9:30 Service of Holy Communion with Rev Charles Fraser

Eco Event
This is on Saturday 17th Sept with a special Eco service on Sunday 18th. See Peter for details.

There’s lots to pray for at the moment:

  • The person being interviewed for the new vicar post, and the selection panel. Interviews take place on Sept 15th. 
  • Children and young people moving on to the next stage of their education
  • Danny Marlow being baptised this Sunday afternoon
  • Those who mourn, especially the family and friends of Anne Maclachlan and Jean Harper
  • Let’s also pray that we will see God working among us as we start to gear ourselves up to the term ahead.