This Sunday, we are premiering a special Lordsbridge service for Pentecost Sunday, at 10.30am on YouTube.  It is led by Revd David Newton, a reflection from Canon Alison Myers and contributions from across the Lordsbridge churches.  You can find the link on the Lordsbridge website at or access it directly here.

It’s premiering at 10:30am tomorrow morning, so if you click the link before then you won’t be able to watch it yet.  And if you tune in a few minutes late you will find it has already started (just as if you turned up late for a service in the church building).  But unlike face-to-face church you will be able to rewind it to the beginning! 

There is a transcript of the Pentecost Bible reading and the reflection on the video attached, if you prefer them in writing.

Other bonus items for this weekend are:
* Pentecost ‘flame’ colouringDownloadable from Illustrated Ministries.
* A 20 minute, fast moving, Pentecost family celebration video from Cambridge based children’s worker, John Hardwick, including Little Kids Songs done LIVE at a VE Day Street Party, juggling, and a balloon modelling, and stories to help explain what happened on the Day of Pentecost.
* A clever and quirky retelling of the story of the of the early church in 3 ½ minutes in an animated video from the Bible Society.

The last Sunday’s short Children’s Service is still available on YouTube if you have not looked at it yet.  You can find the link via