Services in November

3 Nov (Sun)                   9.30 am       A Service of Communion
                                        4 pm   A service of remembering (All Souls’)

10 Nov (Sun)                 10.50 am     Remembrance Sunday service
                                         A service of hymns, readings and reflection,
                                         with an act of  remembrance at 11am and ending
                                         with an act of commitment to peace.

5 Nov (Tues)                   9.30 am        Tuesday Mornings at St Mary’s

12 Nov (Tues)                9.30 am       Tuesday Mornings at St Mary’s

17 Nov (Sun)                  9.30 am        A Service of Communion

19 Nov (Tues)                9.30 am         Tuesday Mornings at St Mary’s

24th Nov (Sun)              10.30 am       West of Cambridge annual joint
                                                               service at Comberton Leisure

1 Dec (Sun)                    9.30 am           A Service of Communion

3 Dec (Tues)                  9.30 am           Tuesday Mornings at St Mary’s

Toddler corner with toys and books at the back of church in every service.