justin welbyJustin Welby wrote an opinion piece in the Times on Thursday on the theme of religious freedom and human wellbeing.  His article entitled ‘Faith must be strong enough to take offence’ can be found here.  It’s worth reading in it’s entirety.

Here are some quotes from it:

As a Christian, I believe that religious freedom — the choice of how we follow God and, indeed, whether we choose to follow God at all — is given in creation, and in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.”

This passionately lived religious life cannot be compartmentalised within our legal and political systems. We need to find the means to nurture the transformational power of religious belief while distinguishing it from the mutations of religion that do so much harm.”

Religious freedom demands space to be challenged and offended without responding destructively.”

As societies which respect freedom guard their own freedom and flourishing in every area, with robust and respectful conversation, they become more like the societies in which we dream of living; vigorous, diverse, generous, hopeful, exciting.”