Pippin’s began as an idea when a small group of us met in Hardwick to discuss the challenges of a lack of a hospitable public space in this village of 2,800.  At the same time, the PCC was looking at ways to be more present in the main part of the village – the ancient parish church is half a mile away from the main area of housing.  With the encouragement of £1000 from Ely’s Mission Fund, Pippin’s was planned and developed over nearly a year.

Pippin’s is a volunteer-run community café that is a project of ‘churches working together for Hardwick’ in partnership with the Hardwick Community Association.   Open from 10am to midday on the first Saturday of every month in the Community Room (in the school), it is a friendly meeting place for all ages.  It is built around the values of hospitality, community and presence, and the vision of the café is to sell good quality coffee and cake in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere – not to make money but to ‘make community’.

Over the last year, Pippin’s popularity has gradually risen to become a fixture on the village calendar.  Recently it received a 5 star rating from the Council and is now being looked at as a model for a community café elsewhere!  Happy Birthday Pippin’s!