boy-jesus-in-temple-hofmann_243718_inlThis morning in Dry Drayton at the All Age service for Mothering Sunday we explored the story in Luke 2 of when the 12 year old Jesus was mistakenly left behind the Temple by his family.  After a fun and chaotic ‘improv’ drama involving the whole congregation(!) we left ourselves with these questions to reflect upon:

  • Have we, like Mary and Joseph, left Jesus behind as we set out in a new direction, start at a new school, take on a new task, begin a new job or develop a new friendship?
  • Are we looking for Jesus in the right place, as we try and reconnect with his love and what he means to us?
  • Are we still willing to learn and to go on to discover more about God’s kingdom (ie. God’s way of doing things)?
  • Are we growing in wisdom and not just knowledge, whether that’s about faith, ourselves, God or the Bible?

(With thanks to Barnabas in Churches for the initial idea.)