The 2013 Michael Ramsey Prize will be chosen and awarded at the Telegraph Hay Festival this May. The six shortlisted books cover a wide range of fascinating topics – find all of them on the Church House Publishing website.

The 2013 shortlist:

Heaven – Paula Gooder
Paula Gooder considers the ways in which the Bible sees heaven and earth connecting, and explores all the major strands of belief about life after death, including the role of paradise, and what happens between death and resurrection.  £9.99

Christianity & Contemporary Politics – Luke Bretherton
Through case studies of faith-based organizations, Christian political activism and welfare provision in the West, this wide-ranging book shows how Christians can engage politically in a multi-faith, liberal democracy.  £20.99

Claiming Abraham – Michael Lodahl
Many of the Bible’s characters and stories are also found in the Qur’an, but there are often different details or new twists in the Islamic retelling of biblical narrative. Lodahl explores these fascinating divergences to discover the theological difference they make.  £12.99

Disabled Church – Disabled Society – John Gillibrand
John Gillibrand, an Anglican priest, draws on his experience of caring for his non-verbal son, Adam, who has autism and is now a teenager. He reflects on how the experience has changed not just his life, but also his whole way of thinking about theology, politics and philosophy.  £22.50

Up with Authority – Victor Lee Austin
Authority is something we experience every day, but is it necessary? Victor Lee Austin sets about exploring the higher and nobler functions of authority, and in doing so reveals its human importance as more than simply a provision for human inadequacies.  £16.99

Jesus and the Subversion of Violence – Thomas R. Yoder Neufeld
What are we to make of the passages in the New Testament that appear to condone, incite or justify violence? This book explores a range of theological and political viewpoints, looking at how many of these texts actually subvert violence.  £14.99