ice sparkle

What does winter mean to you?  Is the prospect of snow a hope or a worry?  Do you think of crisp, frosty days and hoar frost, or trudging through rain and mud?  Do you look forward to cosy evenings or feel trapped indoors?  Winter has a particular feel and, if we seek it, a particular spirituality.  If you want to explore winter, try some of these things –

  • Go for a walk on a frosty morning, notice the length of the shadows cast by the sun low in the sky, find a leaf enhanced by the crystals of frost on its edges.  Appreciate this pared back beauty and give thanks.
  • Practice hospitality.  Vanquish the dark and chill of winter by gathering people together.  Invite friends and neighbours to share a meal.  Or find out what you can do to support ‘hospitality’ providers – shelters, foodbanks etc
  • Let snow and frost, or puddles bring out your “inner child”.  Splash in a puddle or stamp on the ice covering it.  Have a friendly snowball fight.
  • Grow bulbs indoors, or look out for snowdrops, as a reminder that spring is on the way.  Think about hope.  Share it with someone who needs it.
  • Stand in the rain (under an umbrella or not) and listen to, or feel, the rain.  For some this is a reminder of God’s sustaining love – the refreshment that we need to live.
  • Embrace winter as a time of inner reflection, introspection, burrowing, and slower movement.  Start a journal.  Read more.  Enjoy candlelight.
  • Be patient.  Take note of the slowly lengthening days, even if light levels seem to take one step forward and two steps back.  Learn patient waiting for the inevitable gradual change.