… could be available locally, if church members in this area get involved.

The Good News Trust is a charity that has been going for some years (http://www.goodnewstrust.org).

For the past 22 years it has been running on the edge of our area – Bourn being the closest, but also going to St Neots, St Ives, Eaton Socon etc.  The present team – Richard and Margaret Scott and David Hill have been running it faithfully but feel, for reasons of health, now is the time for them to pass the ministry on.

The last visits of the van to its present villages have been happening in the past two weeks and Richard was going to organise to return the van and books to the Trust.  Many people I speak to would like Christian books/DVDs for themselves or to resource things they are doing, but until recently I had not heard of the library or the service it provides – thank you to Ann Webb for telling me about it at a recent Churches Together Planning meeting.

Is there a need here in our area?  Can a new fresh team could be built up to fulfil that need?

It is clear that this is not just a one person job, but also that with a team, it should not be too onerous on any one member and it would be a brilliant way of increasing and strengthening links with our fellow churches.  A new team would not be held to the present areas but would be free to establish new calls, depending on where the team lives.

If this is something that might inspire you and you’d like to investigate further then email Ann at webb_site@btinternet.com or via the church (Comberton Baptist Church).