I used this meditation as an extra on the back of the Ascension Day service sheet.  I think it captures the way that earth connects to heaven in the Ascension story, and our commission to bear witness to Jesus on earth.


Gazing up into heaven
can often seem much safer
than coming down to earth.
In the heavens there are stars and planets
and vast spaces to wonder at.
Lost in contemplation,
the worries of the world become insignificant
and fade to nothingness.
Imagination runs riot.
Worship becomes inevitable
God is great.
So we raise our hands and our eyes
to a God who must be up there
It’s only natural.

But gazing up to heaven
is meant for special times.
The business of God is here on earth.
Here with the people who need to hear
how Jesus lived and died
to show the measure of God’s love.
Here with the lost and lonely souls
who need compassion and forgiveness.
Here with the suffering ones who are afraid
and in need of comfort and healing.
Here in a warring world
that cannot find peace.
Here in families and neighbours
facing everyday struggles,
so familiar that they become invisible.

And here we need to be.
Lowering our gaze to those
who need God’s grace in daily life.
Bringing the spirit of Jesus
into the world again,
as he promised.
Practicing our faith
is a very up and down business.

For Ascension
Acts 1: 1-11

by Marjorie Dobson, at www.twelvebaskets.co.uk