During the lock-down many of us found ourselves being replenished by time spent outdoors, and maybe you did too. We felt a greater connection to ourselves as we re-connected with the natural world. Wild Church aims to build on these experiences


Who is this for?
It is for families with a child aged between 4 and 10 (roughly), though older and younger siblings will be more than welcome. It will be fine for grandparents and carers to come with children, but we cannot accommodate children without a responsible adult, or adults without a ‘responsible’ child!

What will we do?
We will be outside! 
We will engage actively, playfully and creatively with the natural world. We will be doing stuff: making things with clay, observing trees and leaves and light, using sticks, maybe making candles or doing a bit of campfire cooking.
We will also spend a little time reflecting more deeply. How does our experience of trees, water, seeds, insects and birds help us grow in our spirituality? Does the interplay between our experience and the Bible stories about these things help or not?
We also plan to think (and act) about the environment and our part in safeguarding it.

When will it happen?
Monthly, on Sunday afternoons between 3 and 4 pm starting May 9th, June 20th and July 11th. We won’t pretend that we are not hoping for some lovely, sunny days – but this is England! We are working on the principle ‘there is no bad weather, only the wrong clothing’. One of our activities might have to be ‘build a shelter’!

How will it be managed re Covid?
While Covid restrictions are in place, each family will have its own ‘home base’ on a rug or picnic bench, and 2 metres apart. For the most part, everyone will stay at their base, but if we have toddlers with us and they toddle about as toddlers do, we will be relaxed about that. Every family will have their own activity box. Because we are outside, masks will not be necessary. We will be able to use the Cabin toilets of course. We are asking families to book in advance so we can prepare properly and not be overcrowded.

What next?
If you would like to come, or to find out more, please talk to Alison Myers, Peter Cornwell, Ali Marcus or Clare Bigg. Booking forms available from Ali or Clare.

Canon Alison Myers,  alisonmyers@lordsbridge.org   01954 212815
Peter Cornwell,  pccornwell@icloud.com               01954 210063
Ali Marcus,  alisonmarcus140@gmail.com         07824 887740
Clare Bigg,  cebigg53@gmail.com               01954 211673