Alison, the vicar of St Mary’s, writes a blog on which she posts articles, reflections and other useful bits and pieces. The most recent are shown below.

  • What does winter mean to you?  Here at Launde Abbey I keep hearing stories of being snowed in but to be honest at the moment it is more soggy than frosty. I wonder, is the prospect of snow a hope … Continue reading →
  • The tradition of marking the door of a house at Epiphany (6th January) with a special combination of letters and numbers written in chalk is centuries old, but is experiencing something of a revival.  To follow this tradition as we … Continue reading →
  • This piece of writing reflects on my time as vicar of Dry Drayton Church in the Lordsbridge Team of Churches at the point of my leaving after 11 years to take up a new post as Warden of Launde Abbey. … Continue reading →
  • These reflections tell some of the stories of the Lordsbridge Team of Churches since its beginning 11 years ago, the point at which I joined it. At this united Lordsbridge Team service, on 29th August 2021, members of the Lordsbridge … Continue reading →
  • From Revd David Newton, Team Vicar in the Lordsbridge Team: Last weekend ordinations took place across the country. From the Lordsbridge Team of Churches 3 people were ordained deacon. Amy Bland was ordained in Blackburn, Adam Roebuck (who had been … Continue reading →
  • Growing up in my family we were expected to start the painful work of writing thank you letters the day after Boxing Day.  In my husband’s family thank you’s were, and are, always expressed in person or on the phone.  … Continue reading →
  • Perhaps it is because I have reached, dare I say it, mid-life.  Or perhaps it is because of the year or so that we have just had and our still fragile hope for being now beyond it.  Either way, I … Continue reading →
  • Some of you will have already heard, one way or another, that from the autumn, I am to be the new Warden of Launde Abbey and will therefore be leaving the Lordsbridge Team in September.  Diocese of Ely | Departure … Continue reading →
  • Play this tune Depending on your era, some of you may remember the tune from a TV series in the late 1960s or early 70s, others more recognise it more recently from the Tom Cruise films – another one is … Continue reading →
  • In the seasons of the Christian year, last Sunday was the Feast of Pentecost and I was surprised to find that last Monday was noted in my Google calendar as Whit Monday.  Whitsun is an older name for Pentecost and … Continue reading →

2 thoughts on “Alison’s Blog

  1. I just discovered your website and blog. As an octogenarian with a January birthday, my attention was drawn to your Gentle January post. It brought a smile and a chuckle or two and a measure of pleasant reassurance and encouragement. Thank you.

    BTW I was searching the St. Mary’s post because my ancestors, the Males (also Mayles) were congregants there in centuries past. Some are buried in the churchyard.

    From the USA

  2. Hi Alison,
    Do you have a resident historian? Research for my book has taken me to ‘Lillies’ and Lord Nugent. Also need additional information about Rectors John White (1807 – 1833) and Christopher Erle (1833 – 1880).
    Your octogenarian from the USA’s ancestors probably left the area with many other puritans after 1630 bound for Weymouth Mass. for the safety of Massachusetts Bay Colony. Conscience is my Crown, Patrica W Claus pub 2017, ISBN 978 085244 880 9 has the story. Hope to hear from you. Email is my medium of contact or landline.

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