The Lordsbridge School of Theology is a ten-session course developed within the team, aimed at helping those who attend grapple with the key themes at the heart of Christian belief. The areas the course is designed to cover are as follows:

On what basis do we do theology?
The Trinitarian nature of God
The nature of the human condition
Jesus’s humanity and divinity
The Holy Spirit
Salvation - God’s rescue plan
What is meant by resurrection
The nature of God’s Kingdom
Church and the sacraments
A final shared session

The course has proved very popular, with up to 30 people signed up for the full program. We are approaching the halfway point in the course and attendance has remained high. Feedback on sessions and the course as a whole has been most encouraging.

The course has drawn on speakers, both ordained and lay, from within the Lordsbridge Team and Bourn Deanery. The sessions are held in the Parish Room in Coton, a team resource that is growing in its use both locally and more widely.

A session usually begins with input from the speaker with questions welcome, a break for refreshments and a second shorter more interactive session. The format has and will vary depending on the speaker.

The course will continue until the end of the year, with a break over the summer. Its popularity has been encouraging, particularly as we think about how to build on it in 2013.