Alison, the vicar of St Mary’s, writes a blog on which she posts articles, reflections and other useful bits and pieces. The most recent are shown below.

  • Keys, phone, purse, tissues, gloves, glasses. What is on your list of things to check you have with you before you go out?  Keys, phone, wallet… mask, sanitizer.  The list is now a little longer than it was before. However, … Continue reading →
  • Nothing feels carefree anymore.  And I’m longing for the unknowingly careless way we, not so long ago, decided what to do and expected what would happen.  And now our expectations and assumptions about what we can do, where we can … Continue reading →
  • This week’s ‘thought for the week’ is in fact a prayer, written by Revd Dr Richard Bott, moderator of the United Church of Canada and shared by the World Council of Churches (here slightly adapted).  Creator, as I prepare to … Continue reading →
  • Apparently, the way that the Norwegians manage to enjoy a dark and cold Scandinavian winter is all to do with how they approach it mentally.  Rather than thinking ‘winter is a limiting time of year’ they tend to think ‘I … Continue reading →
  • This year, many of us are preparing for, or celebrating, Harvest thanksgiving with a new appreciation of the importance of UK farmers in our nation’s food security after the concerns of early lockdown.  Alongside this, many of us are taking … Continue reading →
  • It’s September again, and we find ourselves this year negotiating a winding path between two imperatives.  On the one hand, schools, universities, workplaces and restaurants are encouraged to return to some kind of new normal while, on the other hand, … Continue reading →
  • The new Lordsbridge Life is out, chronicling the experiences of some of our church communities and church members over the last few months, across the villages to the west of Cambridge.  You can download a copy here: Lordsbridge Life August … Continue reading →
  • I wonder who else is feeling worn down by relentless questions.  Is it safe or not?  Is it legal or not?  Should we do it or not?  What will happen next?  What should we plan for September, or October?  Sometimes … Continue reading →
  • This week’s thought-for-the-week for the Lordsbridge Churches and friends has been written by Revd Paul Garnell, curate and member of the Lordsbridge Churches core clergy team. In promising news, the Oxford coronavirus vaccine under rushed development has been found to … Continue reading →
  • Many church communities are putting their respective toes in the water with regard to small, simple services in church buildings again.  It is good to be able to meet in person to pray in these special places, even if in … Continue reading →

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