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Key People

Alison Alison Myers
Alison Myers has been the vicar in Hardwick since September 2010. She is married to Boyd and has two teenage sons.
Peter Cornwell
Peter Cornwell organises the Sunday Club. Contact him on 01954 210063 or email 2cornwells@waitrose.com
Manderson Leslie Manderson
Leslie Manderson is an ordained minister who visits to take services once a month.
Thelma Thelma Westbury and Chris Ford
Thelma Westbury and Janet Hayman are the Churchwardens. Thelma is on 01954 210321, email tpwestbury@gmail.com and Janet is on 01954 210927.
Teresa Taylor
Teresa Taylor is the volunteer youth worker for the Lordsbridge parishes. Contact her on 07717 001429 or email ptc.taylor@btinternet.com.
Other members of the church council (PCC) are:
Clare Bigg, Sue Cornwell, Lois Frettsome, Jeff Jones, Tricia Maguire, Michaela McNeill, Jane Muncey and Naomi Roy. They meet about five times a year, with an open APCM (AGM) in April.