Developing the Cabin

The cabin is used as a base for many things including coffee after church, Sunday Club, a weekday mums and babies group, various art and local history groups, PCC meetings and family activities such as “Summer Afternoons at St Mary’s” which we hold in August. We are blessed to have a plot of land and building available for such activities with a grassy area and trees, and with swings nearby.

Although our cabin is appreciated, it has seen better days and takes a fair amount of work to keep it going. It is poorly insulated and there are no toilet facilities for wheelchair users. We would love to replace it with something that can continue to provide a venue for our current activities and also allow room for expansion.

We now have outline plans for a timber-clad building which includes a hall that can seat 60, a small meeting room, kitchen, toilet facilities and storage. Also included is an outside access toilet for the benefit of local allotment holders, families using the playground and visitors to the churchyard. We plan for this building to be of real benefit for the village community as a venue for children’s parties, gatherings after baptisms and funerals, lunch clubs, local groups, perhaps even an outreach clinic. It has been carefully positioned to avoid loss of trees and green space because they are an integral part of our activities. They offer opportunity for learning about and exploring our native wildlife (both animals and plants) and space for playing, partying and picnics. 

We now doing a survey to invite everyone to contribute their ideas on how the new building might be used.  Click here to complete the survey.

The budget for the new building project has been set at £180,000. We have started raising funds and if you would like to contribute and actively shape the future of our community, please contact the treasurer Clare Bigg on or 01954 211673. Thank you.

Woodland Area

Behind St Mary’s we are lucky to have our own nature area with a small wood of about twenty broadleaved trees, a shrub area, a fenced-off pond and a large piece of grass for playing, partying and picnics. We want to make this into a special area that can be enjoyed by the Sunday Club, congregation and visitors, especially at our special events. We also want to make it attractive to native wildlife – both animals and plants.

If, in the meantime, you would like to use the cabin for a meeting or event, please contact Thelma, our church warden.

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