WP_20160131_010At Candlemas – 31st January – we held just three services across the 11 Lordsbridge villages instead of the usual 10 or so.  We gave people the choice of where to go – to ‘worship with friends or to make new ones’.  The three services were intentionally very different in style, in order to say something about our diversity and God’s creativity and that it is OK to encounter the same God in different ways.

We held a solemn Eucharist in Harlton, Methodist Communion in Toft and a kind of ‘Messy Church’ for adults and children in Dry Drayton.

Here are some pictures from the service in Dry Drayton with activities making lanterns and banners for the later Candlemas procession, prayer stations for those who wanted to be more reflective and the story of Anna and Simeon meeting the baby Jesus in the Temple and recognising him as the light for all nations.

WP_20160131_015 (2) WP_20160131_001 (2) WP_20160131_017 WP_20160131_009 WP_20160131_007 (2) WP_20160131_012 WP_20160131_004 WP_20160131_014 WP_20160131_008 (2)


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