You may have seen our article in the June Hardwick Happenings about plans for a church and community hall to replace the aging portacabin behind the church.  We’d like a building accessible to all villagers with toilet and kitchen facilities and space for community groups to meet.  We’d welcome your feedback on how this building might be used.  Please click on the link below to open up a short survey.  Many thanks.

Survey here

One thought on “Church and community hall survey

  1. I am wondering if your church would be interested in a stained glass window for your proposed new building work. I have found your website as I have put in a search for proposed new churches and community halls!
    I am acting chair and archivist for my old school association – our school was a boarding school in Germany and it closed down in 1972. The site remained intact until 5-6 years ago and we acquired some items for our memorabilia collection before buildings were demolished. The circular window is one of 3 that were installed when the church was built in the mid 50’s. The window was restored under the auspices of the local town and presented to our association a few years ago. The diameter of the window is about 120cms and it contains several vertical stripes of coloured glass set in metal.

    With a membership now getting on in years, we are looking for suitable homes for some of our archive material. I am wondering if our window is of any use to you? It is absolutely free of charge and is currently in Newbury, Berkshire. If you are interested, I will need to discuss this with my Committee but I don’t envisage any problems if we can find a suitable home.

    I look forward to hearing from you and if you are interested, I can forward you a photo or two. We also have a bell tower that was on our school hall which needs a good home for the future.!

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