14129IQ-C-348-Northern-Iraq-Operation-Christmas-ChildThose of you who contributed a shoebox to Operation Christmas Child this year might like to read this news:

“Last week 60,000 shoeboxes were delivered to children in Northern Iraq who are now refugees. Having escaped from the clutches of ISIS they are spending their first Christmas away from home.

“Thanks to your generosity, and the compassion of others around the world, these children have received a wonderful present and the gift of hope this Christmas.”

Read the full story here.

One thought on “Operation Christmas Child update

  1. Dear Allison,
    My name is Diana and I have been reading your blog as part of my research into Hardwick. I currently live in Cherry Hinton but my husband and I are soon to move to Hardwick…well subject to all the normal procedures.
    Looking through old posts I discovered that st Mary’s supports Operation Christmas Child, a project very dear to me. I come from Romania and when I was 7 a received a shoebox. I still remember vividly how it felt to open that box. I was wondering if you would be interested to hear my story and perhaps I can help your church in the project this year…if you decide to continue with it? Every year I give about 12 talks in schools, churches and community groups about the impact of the shoeboxes in the places where they go. Over the years I received, I delivered boxes, I packed and processed and in school helped children make their own..quite an amazing journey. I still have Martin, a teddy that was in my shoe box and my first ever soft toy!!!
    If the house buying goes well, then I am sure our paths will cross at some point in the community but if I can give any help regarding operation christmas child please get in touch. I am one of the Samaritan’s purse -operation christmas child presenters, but I found that people don’t really care about badges, it is my story that they would like to hear and it is my little thank you for them taking part in this project.

    Best regards,


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